Italian Stallions Jami Alden – Jami Alden

Italian Stallions ? Jami Alden

Italian Stallions ? Jami Alden

Jami Alden | Aphrodisia | 3119 | 316 pages | English | PDF,EPUB,MOBI

The swagger. The sensuality. Ya gotta love `em. The hottest heroes are Italian-American, and every woman knows it…In His Bed Karin TabkeIntense and darkly handsome, Gabriel LaMotta is working an undercover FBI investigation in San Francisco–and he’s making the mob real nervous. Tough luck. They can’t hide inside a club full of pole-dancing babes. But Gabe would like to know what a demure, soft-spoken beauty like Gia Cipriani is doing there. But first he has to rescue her. Then he’ll ask the questions. And when they get behind closed doors, a high-octane attraction turns into blazing, soul-shattering sex. Gia may look innocent, but she sure knows how to show her appreciation–and set him on fire…Will That Be All? Jami AldenVince Mattera clawed his way up from poverty to the top of the financial heap in San Francisco. The hedge fund he manages is making millions. But he still eats at the same little Italian restaurant where he always ate. The marinara is homemade, the food is real, and it doesn’t hurt that the owner just hired a spicy little brunette. But smart-mouthed Theresa Bellessi is a whole lot more than a waitress–she’s a goddess. And Vince intends to sexually worship every inch of her glorious, soon-to-be-naked body. Check, please…


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